Keeping It Simple

I have to admit, I’ve never had any major issues with my skin. Of course I had the normal teenage hormonal “breakouts” and even now I will have a random one or two hormonal pimples make their glorious appearance — but overall I can’t complain. With that being said, having an actual skin care routine is MAJOR KEY!

I haven’t always been a stickler for skincare — I’ve actually always felt extremely overwhelmed by the entire process + would always give up after a few weeks. Switching products, inconsistent application, dreading the night time routine — rinse + repeat —  led to years of the hate hate [no love here] relationship.

Recently — in my mid twenties — I’ve adopted the phrase “keep it simple, stupid”, for my skin care motto. This has given me the confidence to stick to a routine that actually works for my skin [ insert ALL the praise hands ] — without the intimidation. Here’s a glimpse into what that looks like for me.


No 1. Remove. Your. Makeup.

After a few weeks of my “keep it simple” skincare routine, I became more confident in my skin. As a result — I started to not wear makeup EVERY day [which my skin continuously thanks me for]. But when a special event comes along + I am feeling unstoppable with my full face on — Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is my go to makeup remover. Not only does it gently remove my makeup with ease, but also leaves my skin feeling moisturized [+ smells delicious = perk]. Typically I purchase mine from Whole Foods , but I also recommend Amazon + Horn of Plenty.

No 2. Wash Your Face


What I DO NOT love about pretty much every other face wash I’ve tried —  is that they always made my skin feel so dry that it will rip apart [seriously, who wants that?]. I found out about the CeraVe brand from my cousin, whose child suffered with eczema and swore by this brand. I’m not sure why I didn’t try it right then + there [I’m sure my 18 year old self wasn’t worried about what was best for my skin], but now I’ve realized this works perfectly as my daily face wash!

— Shop Here [or any other drugstore]

No 2 -b. Clarisonic Heaven


Two steps in one — YES PLEASE! Seriously , if you haven’t tried any Clarisonic product yet, I highly recommend opening a new tab + purchasing one ASAP! –My mom is literally the ultimate stocking stuffer + a few years back she graciously stuffed my sister + I’s stocking with the original Clarisonic Mia . It has been a game changer ever since. When starting my simple skin care routine, it was a no brainer to include my Clarisonic into my routine, with my face wash — not only does it help deep clean those pesky pores, but also exfoliates [more than one benefit, sign me up]!

No 3. Rosehip Oil aka Glow In A Bottle


This bottle = life. When I decided to look into simplifying my skincare routine the first step I took was to research best oils for skin care. I stumbled upon the benefits of Rosehip Oil . I won’t go into extreme detail — you can read this article for more info, or just google it [you’ll find tons of articles]. So I’ll sum it up for you, Rosehip oil is said to : moisturize, treat wrinkle, brighten, even skin tone, firm skin, fade scars. Obviously this sounded great — but I figured the only way to know is to try. After about two weeks of my new skin care routine I noticed brighter, even + hydrated skin — and that my friends, was a HUGE WIN for me!


So there you have it, my less intimidating, super simple skin care routine. While I know all skin is different + what works for one may not work for the other — but the purpose of this was to just open up your options, do a little digging and find a skin care routine that fits your lifestyle + needs. I hope you all enjoyed another little peak into my life.

Stay Beautiful XO ,

Jenn — @IvoryRoseBeautyCo

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