Hello Gorgeous!

First I want to apologize for my recent social media hiatus (details on that later :), but I’m hoping this eye candy I’m about to serve up will make up for my absence!

What I absolutely adore about being in such a creative industry are all of the insanely creative individuals you get to meet and build relationships with. Not only does it feed my creative desire — but it also allows me to make the greatest friendships! For this shoot I had the pleasure of teaming up with my creative boo — Kali Norton  + Imagine Boutique. My love for fashion + beauty all in one — literally heaven on earth!!

Enjoy all of the beautiful girls + clothes that you will want to immediately buy after!


Ivory Rose + Imagine Fall 2017


I hope you all enjoyed these photos as much as we enjoyed putting on the shoot!


Stay Beautiful XO,

Ivory Rose Beauty

Hair/Makeup: @ivoryrosebeautyco
Clothing: @shopimagineboutique
Photography: @kalinorton
Styling: @shilohklatham

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