Hello, Friends!


It’s been a minute (or months) since I’ve been here. For that I apologize.

This post is to give you a little recap of 2018 and what I’ve learned.

To start off here is a picture of my little family in Colorado, celebrating the love + marriage of family ❤ (just incase you forgot what I look like 😉 )


First, I added a wonderful Lead Makeup Artist/ Skin Consultant/ Right Hand Woman to the team.

Meet Caroline! She is a licensed esthetician – skin enthusiast – makeup bada** + cutest cat mom  e v e r!


Shortly after Caroline coming on board (as in two weeks) my husband and I found out we were pregnant with our little miracle – which explained why I had been so sick (face palm…should have known). This began the very eye opening/wonderful experience of pregnancy. I know everyone says your life will change once you have a baby, but I guess my little guy wanted to prepare me while he was still in the womb. To make a long story short, I was very sick – had the strangest [minor] challenges throughout my entire pregnancy, and went into labor and delivered (unexpectedly + quickly) at 36 weeks 6 days (for all of you mama’s, you know what a difference that one day makes- especially for hospital protocol). Since then we have been trying to navigate being a couple post baby, parents, and growing all three of our business at the same time. It was definitely a year of learning.

As much of a world wind I feel 2018 had been, I continued to be surrounded and inspired by so many powerful boss women – and for that I am forever grateful. The constant encouragement of these ladies, and Caroline especially, it has given me the drive to take 2019 by the horns and give it my all.

2018 was a year of  –  change, growth, learning + adaptation.

2019 is the year of –  serving  Y O U + giving back to the creative community.

I hope you all stay on for this ride + somewhere along the way, get a little something from my journey.

Here’s a few pictures of our 2018 for you to enjoy ❤

Lots of cuddles – new cousins – new baby friends – photo shoots with Local Honey Baby – traveling + loads of family.

Birth Photography + Local Honey Photo Shoot by Kali Norton


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