Hair Brush 101

Hello Friends!

This post is dedicated to all of us out there who just need to get back to basics + find that perfect  [ hair brush ]  fit.

Here’s to hoping you find your soulmate, or at least a little clarity into your basic hair needs………



Paddle Brush
      Long, Thick Hair 
⋅ Sparse bristle spacing makes it easy to detangle + retain wavy textures.

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Boar Bristle Brush —
    Dry Hair
⋅ Gentle on dry/brittle Strands
               Pro Tip: Brush scalp to ends to distribute natural oils + use for DIY scalp massage.

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Round Boar Bristle Brush
    Oily Hair
⋅ Prevents oil buildup + redistributes oil so it does not settle on scalp.
⋅ Reduces frizz + can create volume.

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Scalp Brush
Prone + Product Buildup
⋅ Helps removes flakes/dead skin from your scalp as well as product buildup [ key to healthy hair + scalp].

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Wet Brush
    Fine Hair [me]
⋅ Perfect for everyday use + gentle enough to get the fine knots out with ease

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Detangler Comb
Curly Hair
⋅ Use when wet to avoid frizz [obvious for those of you with curly hair, but
general info for everyone else].
⋅ Helps retain curl pattern without disruption.

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Vented Styling Brush
    Best for:
⋅ Blowing out + styling fine hair, pixie to bob length hair
hint: its easier to handle for at home blowouts vs a boar round brush

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Teasing Brush:
  Best for:
⋅ All hair types — Used to create lift [typically] at the root of hair
The name speaks for itself, but the key for a good teasing brush is for the bristles to be multilevel.

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This teasing brush deserves a little introduction —
This was my VERY FIRST teasing brush. Tried and true. Perfect for an airy tease + smoothing over fly aways.

* Had to include it because it was my gateway into my texture + teasing obsession, many many years ago ❤ *

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I hope you all enjoyed this little rundown on hair brushes! Will be back soon with more goodness for you to take in.


XX- Jennifer




Have any questions? Leave a comment and let me know!

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