Cannabis Oil in Skin Care

Recently, the skin care industry has introduced a taboo ingredient into the world: Cannabis Oil. Although legal in all fifty states, cannabis oil is still over looked by many people.

Its benefits are surprising and proven to be very beneficial to most skin types.

If you fall under the category of:  unwanted wrinkles, loss of collagen or just dull, tired looking skin [don’t we all] — then working cannabis oil into your skin care routine might be for you.

Cannabis oil is rich in vitamins A,C and E — Let me break down just how amazing that is!

Vitamin A — essential for sagging or wrinkled skin, it stimulates skin cell production.

Vitamin C —[possibly my favorite skin care ingredient of all time] stimulates collagen production. Collagen production is MAJOR in taking care of your skins overall health because it literally holds our bodies together.

Vitamin E — can slow down the aging process by blocking free radicals and reducing their damage [free radicals cause damage to our DNA causing it to age quicker].

   If you fall under the category of annoying breakouts — cannabis oil helps reduce the amount of oil in our skin which in turn keeps our pores from clogging and getting those nasty blackheads. If you have active break outs, the cannabis oil can act as an anti-inflammatory which will calm the irritation.

Still not convinced this new ingredient is for you? It was recently shown in studies to help with skin allergies, rosacea, eczema and even psoriasis. It even can even offer pain relief from common ailments like bug bites, brush burns, scratches, etc.

To me cannabis oil sounds like the holy grail ingredient we have been searching for! There is not much it can not do, let us girls at Ivory Rose know if you try it out for yourself.


Caroline — Licensed Esthetician, Pro Makeup Artist

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